Q. How long does a portrait session take?

Some people may be shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera.  Establishing rapport and getting everyone to relax is the key to creating beautiful portraits for you.  Sessions are at least 15 minutes long, though some can last up to 2 hours depending on the type of session and location.

Q. Is there a session fee? What’s included?

Yes.  The session fee depends and the type of session and includes the photographic session and one presentation ordering session.  A small reservation fee is paid when you reserve your portrait session.  This guarantees your session date and time.  We will then edit your images and get them ready for you to view.  You are then invited to our studio for a sight and sound presentation of your images.  This is when you will have the opportunity to order wall art and gift prints.

Q. What if it rains or snows on the day of our session?

Dress appropriately.  Some of the best images we’ve created are children and families playing in the rain or snow.  What could be cuter than a child with an umbrella and galoshes or snowflakes whipping by while wearing their favorite winter hat?  We’ll use the weather to your benefit to create unique images for you.  Snowball fights and puddle jumping are always lots of fun!   If you’d rather reschedule your location session due to the weather, we can do so or, we can photograph your session in the studio.  Please call us the day prior to your session to discuss your options.

Q. What if I need to re-schedule my session?

We ask for 14 days notice if you need to reschedule your portrait session.  Together, we’ll find another time that will work for your schedule.  Failure to show-up for your session or to give less than 14 days notice may result in the loss of your reservation fee.


Q. How will I see my photos?

Your photographs will be presented to you in a sight and sound presentation at our studio.  You’ll have an opportunity to see a variety of wall decor and gift items.  As only one presentation is included with your session fee, we ask that you bring anyone with you who will be assisting in your portrait selection.  This is when you will be viewing the images, selecting those you wish to have in your home or for gifts.  Payment is required when you place your order.

Q. How much can I expect to invest on my portraits from my session?

We have a wide variety of collections and photographic art for you to select from.  Most of our clients invest between $500 and $2500 for wall décor, gift prints, and an album.

Q. What should I expect to happen at my Premier Presentation?

This is often the most exciting time in your portrait experience with us.  When you arrive at our studio for your presentation appointment, you will view a sight and sound presentation of your images.  Once you select your favorite images, we will show you many different ways to own your portraits such as wall décor, gift prints, image boxes and albums.  Once you make your selections, we will review your order with you so you can confirm your choices.

Q. Who should come to the Premier Presentation?

We ask that anyone helping you with your portrait decisions be included in your presentation and order session.

We have special offerings that are only available at your premier presentation and we don’t want you to miss out on those because someone wasn’t there.  Because we begin work on your order immediately, the decisions made at the Premier Presentation cannot be changed afterwards.

The portraits we create for your family will often exceed your expectations.  Since all ordering is done at the Premier Presentation, we want to make sure all decision makers are present.  Otherwise, it may be difficult for you to make decisions when you want to own more than you originally expected to, and spouses or others who were not able to attend are not able to see the wonderful images we helped create and all the options available for printing and displaying your portraits in your home.  We always want to make sure families are on the same page and that is why it is crucial to have all decision makers at the presentation appointment.

Q. How does your investment level compare with other photographers?

Generally speaking, we are in a different cost category than department store studios or part time photographers. Though we aren’t the highest priced studio in the area, we do offer you an excellent value for artwork you’ll treasure and enjoy in your home for years to come.


Q. When do I pay?

Your portraits are paid for when you place your order at the presentation session.  We accept personal checks, cash, and all major credit cards.

Q. If I want to order more portraits later, may I?

Yes.  Although our best pricing is available at your initial presentation session, you may choose to order additional prints later.


Q. Do you offer collections?

We do offer collections.  Our goal is to help you get the portraits that you desire for your home and to share with your family and friends.  We also offer a variety of unique boutique items, albums and wall art.  


Q. Why does it take so long for my portraits to be finished?

The custom nature of our portraiture requires time and patience ~ that’s why we allow six to eight weeks.  We want to make sure that every detail of your portrait order is perfect before we deliver it to you.