True Love Wedding Portraits l Brittany & Jim

Brittany and Jim’s True Love Wedding Portraits

Their Story

This couple met in high school when Jim was a grade older than Brittany, but they were never in the same friend group, so they never got to know each other too well. Ten years after graduation in August 2015, Brittany went to Coulee to get her dad a gift card for his birthday. Jim was working and double checked her ID to make sure it was the same Brittany from high school! He bought her a Blue Moon so she would stay a little longer to hang out, and they have been together ever since! Jim likes to joke that the whole relationship is because he bought her a Blue Moon. When asked what he loves most about Brittany, Jim said “the stuff no one else gets to know, because it’s just for us,” and when he said that, Brittany absolutely melted, because she knew exactly what he meant. Brittany added that the best part for her relationship with her fiance is their inside jokes and the way their personalities work so well together. We can’t wait to capture their true love wedding portraits at On-A-Whim Barn!

The Proposal and Wedding Planning

Jim knew he was going to propose sometime soon, and had the ring, but had not made a concrete plan yet. He was thinking of proposing at home, but all that changed one night when they ended up at Coulee on a Friday after work. Spur of the moment, after a few drinks, Jim decided to sing his proposal in front of everyone! Brittany was seated at the bar, drinking a non-alcoholic drink because she was seven months pregnant, with her father on the phone next to her. Brittany thought Jim was off talking to someone, but really, he was getting ready to propose! The music stopped and Jim came out in front of everyone, singing Jon Pardi’s “Head Over Boots” into the microphone. Brittany loved the song choice and the proposal. When he got down on one knee after singing, Brittany couldn’t say yes fast enough! We love this couple and wish them many years of happiness together!

Mueller Photography Wedding Experience

Brittany and Jim chose Adam to capture their dream wedding portraits because after viewing his past work, they loved his images and how he captures special moments. They felt he would help them remember their big day forever, and it would be a stress-free day with Adam directing their photography. Right when they met Adam they felt comfortable, relaxed, and that he was easy to talk to. Photography is important to these two because they want to capture the memories from their special day to stay with them for the rest of their lives together.

Congrats to this beautiful couple!

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