Blair Wedding | Ashley & Matt

Ashley and Matt’s Blair Wedding

How the Couple Met

Ashley and Matt have such a cool story of how they met.  Ashley says: “I arrived at Muddy Waters in Trempealeau, Wisconsin to find my blind date (Matthew) sitting at a table reading herbicide charts.”  She began to wonder what is was that she had gotten herself into. She continues, saying: “Matthew introduced himself and took me up to the bar to get a drink where I ordered a 7&7, which also happened to be his drink of choice. When we finally sat down at the table, I was so nervous that I spit my mint out across the table at him. We have been together ever since.”  We are looking forward to their Blair wedding in the summer of 2018.

A Loving Bond

Matt loves that Ashley is kind and caring.  He says that she places his needs before her own.  She is a positive person, and he feels so happy to have found her!  Ashley has found her best friend and her husband in Matthew.  She knows that she can always rely on him, and that he will always be there to help her through everything that life throws at her.  She also cannot get enough of his contagious smile!

The Proposal

Matt told us about the proposal story, saying: “For months, Ashley has been bringing up the fact that she really wants a puppy. I have been doing my best to explain to her that at our current stage and situation a puppy would not be reasonable. In a daring and bold move, she had recently decided to use reverse psychology on me and suggest that we should instead get a turtle. This was in hopes that I would again refuse and could then be swayed into getting a puppy. As this was right before Christmas I kept telling her that I was getting her a turtle. I put the ring in a box of chocolate turtles, and gave it to her as her Christmas present.”  She was so surprised!  Better yet, she still got a turtle.  More than one!

Blair Wedding

The couple cannot wait to celebrate their Blair wedding!  They are excited to start their journey together as husband and wife.  They will celebrate their ceremony at Zion Lutheran Church in Blair, Wisconsin.  Afterwards, they’ll head to the Blair Sportsman’s Club for their reception.  Both Matt and Ashley cannot wait to enjoy this time with those that are close to them.

The Mueller Photography Experience

When we asked the two why they chose Mueller Photography to capture their Blair wedding, they said: “We chose Mueller because the quality of the portraits on our wedding day is important to us. Adam’s work is beautiful and he takes into consideration each bride’s likes and dislikes when capturing their day. Photography is important to us because it will give us something to look back at and remember. Adam made me feel like my wedding was not only important to me, but him as well. We went to an expo, and while there were hundreds of brides there I felt like all his attention was on me. Adam will go the extra mile to make sure you get what you want.”


Congratulations to Matt and Ashley, and we cannot wait to capture their Blair wedding memories!


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