Morgan K.

Morgan K.

I chose to work with Mueller photography after applying to be a rep for many local photography studios. I knew Adam Mueller, the photographer, from when I had taken dance lessons at a dance studio in town. I loved the pictures I’d done in my dance costumes so I trusted my senior pictures would turn out just as nicely!

My overall experience there was fabulous. “Shy” and “awkward” don’t really happen at Mueller Photography. As soon as I entered the door, Katie, the friendliest assistant EVER ushered me to my changing room where I set up my clothes and props. After getting my make up and hair done by a representative from the Orange Pearl salon (which I recommend, by the way), we started taking pictures right away. It was efficient, on schedule, organized, but totally low-stress! Adam, who thinks he is REALLY funny, kept making jokes and my natural laughter is apparent in the pictures. I loved it!

My favorite thing about Mueller photography is the atmosphere. It is very chic and accommodating, even down to the waiting room. Adam and Katie are super fun to be around, easy to connect with, and have charismatic personalities.  These are a handful of words you could use to describe the staff: Hilarious, welcoming, easy to be around, professional, polite, comfortable, relatable, young, up-to-date, genuine, sweet.  I recommend Mueller to photography to any juniors or seniors interested in taking their senior pictures. They’d be making a mistake to go anywhere else! Mueller provides a good experience and quality photographs at a VERY agreeable price.

A few weeks after the photo-shoot, my family and I came in to view the pictures. Katie, the studio manager, had all of the photos arranged in a slideshow. My parents, as lovely as they are, tend to be indecisive. Katie had creative methods to help them narrow down to the desired number of pictures. It saved us a lot of time and debating.

I would trust Mueller photographer with any of my photos-dance, senior pictures, weddings, etc. I have seen a lot of Adam’s works all over town and they all look fabulous. He is creative and modern and knows how to take advantage of all locations.

Working with the Mueller photography team is a treat. Although I had to miss school for my senior pictures (bummer, I know) it was worth the make up work! As unprofessional as it may sound, I practically felt like I was hanging out with friends. Adam and Katie know how to get along with people of all ages. Additionally, Katie gave me advice matching outfits and shoes. I appreciated that she would give me her honest woman-to-woman opinion instead of just rushing me through pictures to get them done.

Mueller photography is the BEST photography. Their senior model program is an incredible deal and you still get grade A satisfactory photographs.