Lindsey & Mike

Lindsey & Mike

October 6, 2012

After my very first conversation with Adam, I knew he was the photographer for us.  Our personalities just “clicked” and it was apparent that I didn’t need to look any further.  On your wedding day you spend a lot of time with your photographer, so you want to make sure you get along with that person enough to spend such an important day together – Adam’s personality is unbelievably warm and engaging.  He is so compassionate and truly cares about your big day, and by that, I don’t just mean ON the day of your wedding – he is deeply concerned about your satisfaction from the day you book with him all the way through to your wedding day and beyond.


The first time I spoke with Adam I could tell he had a true passion for his work.  He made me feel important and special, like I was the only customer in the world that mattered.  His personality is extremely fun and engaging and he takes so much pride in his photography.  After we decided to book with him, he immediately got to work; that same day he sent us a tentative schedule of the wedding day outlining where we would take pictures at different times.  Prior to booking with him, I didn’t even know that this was something the photographer would do, but I really appreciated all the help I could get!  I knew at that moment our wedding day would go smoothly because he was so experienced and professional.  Leading up to the wedding day we had many phone conversations.  It was very apparent that he was interested in OUR personalities and OUR style – he not only cared about what types of photography we like, but how we met, our hobbies and interests.  By the time we actually met Adam, he felt like a friend that I had known for years.  A few weeks before the wedding he asked me to email him with some images that I liked of other people’s weddings.  I was pleased to see that on our wedding day he was using those images as another tool (in his already large toolbox) and was crossing off pictures as we went.  One of my very favorite pictures is one that he based off of an image from my email; this is just one example of Adam tailoring his work to fit his client’s unique personalities and desires.


The day of our wedding was unseasonably cold, which needless to say, can put anyone in a sour mood, especially when you spend so much time preparing for such an important day.   This was not the case on our wedding day and I fully attribute this to Adam’s presence.  Adam is so fun and hilarious, he kept the entire wedding party laughing through all of the pictures.  When we got our images back, many people commented on how no one even looked cold in the pictures because everyone was having such a good time.  Adam kept things moving along smoothly through the whole day and was so organized in his approach.  Since it was so cold outside, he did not have anyone standing outside longer than they needed to, and I think everyone appreciated that!  Weddings often involve coordinating dozens of people, from the wedding party, to family members and children.  I’ve experienced other weddings where the photographer has had a difficult time reining everyone in and keeping the focus of a large group and I was very pleased to see this was not the case with Adam.  He is very experienced with handling a big crowd of people and keeping things flowing smoothly and, equally important, he is able to do so in a respectful manner.


When we received our wedding images, I was amazed – they were absolutely breathtaking.  The first night we received notification that they were available to view my husband could not help but laugh at me, I literally sat at our kitchen counter and watched the wedding picture slideshows over and over again.  That’s how much I LOVED them!  Many people told me they were the best wedding photographs they had ever seen.  Prior to receiving our images, I was concerned that the special moments of the day may not be captured fully because we did not book a videographer, but I was so please to see this was not the case.   Adam captured all of the important moments and all of the emotion that is so hard to put into words – tears of happiness and so much laughter.  Most importantly, I truly felt like he captured our personalities and exactly what is unique about us as a couple.   Some people say that their old wedding photographs end up just sitting in a box years down the road.  I truly cannot imagine this happening and I attribute this to Adam’s artistry of creating the most beautiful, unique images.


I know that many people cut corners when planning a wedding to save money, but I truly believe photography is the last piece that should be cut as it is the only thing you can take with you in the end to remember the day (besides the husband/wife at your side!).   I cannot recommend Adam highly enough, he is just simply the best.  Adam has a true passion for his work, he takes pride in his photography, and he is an amazingly compassionate and caring person.  Adam is fun and engaging and will make your wedding day relaxing and joyful, despite any unforeseeable circumstances.  You will absolutely not regret booking Adam for your wedding day, he’s the best!