Heather & Bill

Heather & Bill

My husband and I chose to work with Mueller Photography for our maternity photos of first child. We learned very quickly how important it is to connect with a photographer. These are moments in your life that you can never go back and redo. Immediately, my husband and I sat down with Mueller Photography and had a plan for our photo shoot. It was comfortable, fun and exactly what we were hoping for, amazing pictures together before our son was born. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to get our newborn photos taken months later.

Our son is now approaching 9 and our daughter just turned 3 and we have had all the milestone photos taken and I wouldn’t think about going anywhere else. My wall are filled at home with an incredible journey so far of our family and I look forward to capturing more moments with Mueller Photography.

Our experience has been wonderful from the great service of all the staff to the amazing amenities in the studio. I like to have many of my children’s photos taken outdoors and they have been so easy to work to make this happen. Just when your kids are “off” and you have this feeling there are not going to be any photos you like, you have 20 amazing photos of your child that you have to narrow down, they are incredible!

What I like best is that they will work with you on what you are looking to do and accomplish for photos. They know the community and the beautiful resources we have to set the scene, there is no better way to capture a child’s life and you sure do not want to miss it. You can not go back and wish you would have taken photos at a certain age. With Mueller Photography, I know they will be amazing photos and all I have to worry is what they will wear. I look at my walls at home and it is the best present you can give to a new Mom, a birthday, a surprise for no reason is the gift of a photo session.

I would definitely recommend them and I constantly do when people ask. It is very professional and I have over 10 years of photos that I could not pick out my favorite because they all are. They captured my family moments and they are wonderful. I also hear people who go to a local retailer for photos and they have to be retaken, retouched or they have to repay for any change to the photos. I have never had any concerns and pricing is very reasonable for the amazing product you get!

The first time we were able to view our photos we were blown away. To be able to see them on a large screen lights up your face! What I also like is the ability to place photos next to each other to compare smiles and see which one is better. He is able to show the photo in color or sepia which is great to see immediately rather than spending the money in hopes that they will look like you hope.

The portraits to me are very important. My husband and I did not have a lot of baby pictures of ourselves and we wished there would have been those photos to compare with our kids. All the walls in my home contain a photo of my family at different stages in their lives. It is wonderful to walk by and smile as you remember those moments.