Mueller Photography Creative Team Application

I know this is a little long! But it really helps me get a better idea of who you are and if you do end up on the team, I use this to tailor your experience with me 😉
(just one is fine - who is the one most likely to come to the meeting and your session?)
What year will you graduate High School?(Required)

How comfortable are you in front of a camera? (selfies don't count!) 🙂(Required)
* your actual handle is most helpful (@mueller_photography) - follow me too if you're not:
Mine is
How ACTIVE are you on social media?(Required)
Do you post on TikTok or just scroll?(Required)

Do you post on Instagram or just scroll?(Required)

Are you okay posting photos that we take on team shoots and also from your senior shoot?(Required)
Do you have parental permission to submit this form and apply for the creator team?(Required)

The search for your photographer ends here.

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